China-town and the Kremlin

Moscow. China-town and the Kremlin

The embankment near the house. Good for jogging, bike riding and evening promenade.
The stalin famous builnig on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment.
River trams.
Graffities. Bolshoy Spasoglinishchevskiy pereulok, 9/1, c 17.
The Cyril and Methodius monument.
Saint Basil's Cathedral.
The Red square and the Mausoleum.
The GUM (main universal store).
A cafe. The GUM, the third line, the third floor, right corner.
The Red square and the Mausoleum.
The history museum.
The Alexander garden.
The Tomb of the unknown soldier, the Eternal flame.
A pond and the cafe Mu-mu with russian food.
An entrance to the Kremlin. By tikets only.
The Alexander monument.
The Borovitskaya square.
The Kremlin embankment.
The House on the embankment.
The Pushkin museum.
The cathedral of Christ the saviour.
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